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Brand System

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The Right Approaches
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Case Study 1

Narathada Website

Secret Recipe of how I built my website that catches the eyes of all recruiters out there!

Step 01

& Ideate

Approach design with strategy. 

The key is to know what exactly are out there, what are their pros and cons. Collect competitive audit and market research to turn them into creative strategy and offer new approaches to catch audience's eyes. Stand out strong, Stand out with strategy.

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Step 02

Brand System

Now it is time for the fun part; Design & Brand. Why are Design & Brand so very important? The reason is because they are your "voice". In this post covid Tech-Era, you want to be heard and noticed. To do so, you need strong and on-point branding.


Brand System brings out your unique identity, set tone for your contents and visual. The system keeps your overall look of website and all assets consistent.


Take some time today to think what color represents yourself as a brand and why. 

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Step 03


After the visual elements hunt, the next phrase is to assemble those elements into mock ups. This is basically the draft of the entire site to see user's journey in a bigger picture. 

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Step 04


After the user's journey is all set and design elements are implemented, we reach the last step of website design. Launch and learn through the analytics to help optimize your future engagement.

Selected Works

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101%+ satisfaction from clients. Happy client, happy designer. 

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